Unforgettable Experiences in Malawi: The 10 Best Things to Do

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If you’re new to Africa and love nature and adventure, Malawi is the perfect place for you to visit.

Malawi is a small but great place to visit! There are so many landscapes you can explore, such as Lake Malawi, the high plains with lots of zebras, Mt. Mulanje and Livingstonia’s cliffs. Most people there are very friendly and nice. We also have some tips for you on how to make your trip to Malawi cost-effective. Here’s what we think you should do while visiting Malawi!

“The Magic of Majete

Malawi’s parks have been preserved and animals that had been poached for decades are being reintroduced, so you can see a lot of wildlife without spending too much money like you would in other countries.

The wildlife at Majete was almost gone, but African Parks helped it come back to life. There is now a fence all around the park, and lions have moved in! You can see the Big Five (elephants, rhinos, buffalos, leopards and lions), plus lots of other cool animals like warthogs and impalas. If you’re visiting Majete, you can choose between camping under the stars or sleeping in a super-luxury lodge. Thawale Camp is a special spot where you’ll find many animals gathered together at dawn – it’s really magical!

If you’re hoping to see some wildlife, the best time to visit Lake Malawi is April through August. After September, it starts getting hotter, and it will start raining.

Witness the Beauty of Lake Malawi and Explore New Opportunities by Learning New Skills!

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What a sight! Lake Malawi is stunning and it offers so many activities… like swimming, snorkeling, and lounging around. Plus, you can catch glimpses of some really cool fish! All along the lake there are sleepy resort towns where you can stay in natural lodges and eat local fish like chambo with chips. In Cape Maclear, you can even support the community by eating at local places or buying handmade products. Finally, Nkhata Bay is super chill and social for those looking for a hippest crowd!

The boats used by Lake Malawi’s fishermen look like canoes carved from tree trunks, and they are very recognizable. If you’re near cities such as Senga Bay you can take a boat ride around the lake and get to see a beautiful sunset.

Travel Tip: Taking the MV Ilala ferry is an amazing and affordable way to visit different villages on the lake. The timetable for this ferry is often not predictable, but it is worth hopping on if you want a fun journey with some stunning views.

Explore & Enjoy Likoma Island

When you get to Likoma Island, you’d really want to stay here forever! It’s full of beautiful beaches and it feels like a jungle with trees like baobabs and mangoes. One of the must-see sights is the very big Cathedral of St Peter. Kaya Mawa Lodge is one of the best places to stay on the island. You can stay in stone rooms or wooden terraces on the beach with great sunset views! There are also affordable guest houses for visitors too!

Do a hike on the trails around Mt. Mulanje! Here, you’ll find nature-filled paths that pass through huts in the mountain region.

Climb Mount Mulanje

Mulanje is super impressive and really pretty! It’s the third-highest mountain on the African continent, surrounded by lush tea plantations. The rocky terrain has lots of deep fissures, making it look like an “island in the sky”. Its many ravines, waterfalls, river pools and 20 separate peaks make it a breathtaking sight to behold.

If you are planning an adventure, there are lots of companies that can help you climb to the highest points, which is 9842ft (3000m). Along the way, you can rest in mountain huts and explore using the looping trails. You can go rock climbing and hiking – so many options!

Celebrate Under the Stars at the Lake of Stars Festival!

Malawians love to have fun, and the Lake of Stars festival is an extra special event. You can stay in cool camping-style tents or bring your own tent and then enjoy music, dance and partying under the night sky. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to hear authentic Malawian tunes since gospel rap or other similar styles are often played there instead. But if you get a chance to listen to Faith Mussa, who’s a singer and guitarist born in Blantyre – don’t miss it!

A Soul-Stirring Journey to Livingstonia

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Livingstonia is a really special village located high up in the hills of Malawi. It’s an old settlement built by Scottish missionaries, and it obviously has an awesome climate! Going hiking up to get there is definitely part of the adventure. But before you even reach Livingstonia itself, there are plenty of cool places along the way where you can stay that give amazing views of the area beneath them. One example is The Mushroom Farm, which has a garden full of vegetation and delicious food! From here you can take a stroll to Manchewe Falls, a breathtaking spot.

Livingstonia is a town that was established in the 19th century. If you go there, you can visit the Stone House Museum to learn about its history and explore its streets with their nice-looking government buildings. Also, an exciting thing to do while in Liwonde National Park is observing animals at the Shire River.

Experience Wildlife Like Never Before

Liwonde National Park, located on the banks of the Shire River, is an amazing place to experience wildlife. The lodges here give you some unique opportunities – like getting cozy with elephants while they nibble on the roofs of your lodge! A boat tour through the park will let you spot hippos diving into the river and make your trip even more unforgettable.

Unforgettable Experiences Await at Zomba

Zomba is a wonderful town which doesn’t have tourist attractions, but it’s perfect for just spending a few days at. It has some awesome eateries and a lodge meant especially for travelers plus the local market sells beautiful fabric called chitenge cloth – you can even get custom clothes made from there! On top of that, you can take a hike on the nearby plateau for an unforgettable experience.

For a great trip, book a stay at Zomba Forest Lodge on the high plateau. It’s really secluded and has fantastic meals. The lodge owners are doing their bit to help the environment by planting trees on nearby hills that had been deforested.

Explore Untamed Grasslands

Nyika National Park is located in a very remote area and looks completely different from the hot Shire plains. You can see stunning grasslands with lots of orchids, zebra roaming around, and if you are lucky enough you might hear the loud cough sound made by leopards. For your accommodation, there’s a beautiful wooden lodge called Chelinda Lodge where you can sit near the log fire to stay warm or you could also choose one of the simpler buildings in the same nearby place known as Chelinda Camp.

Explore the Great Outdoors of Malawi

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If you’re in Malawi, the city of Lilongwe has some exciting places to visit. At the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, which is surrounded by a lot of greenery, they take care of wild animals like baboons, hyenas, servals and bushpigs. They also help make sure these animals can return to their natural habitats when possible. Visiting this centre is fun and educational! There are great walking trails and an awesome cafe where you can rest and enjoy nature while taking a break from the busy city noise.

Important info: All visitors that aren’t from Malawi have to pay K2000 for adults and K1000 for kids when entering this place. Donating more money is also encouraged as it will help provide care for any animals here.

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