Top 5 Adventures to Uncover Trinidad’s Wild Beauty

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Trinidad adventures

Trinidad, the southernmost island of the West Indies, is just a short trip from the South American coast, yet retains an enchanting Caribbean spirit. The island beats to the rhythm of festive carnival drums and the continuous flow of ocean waves. A geological treasure filled with natural abundance, Trinidad offers a unique spectacle of over 450 bird species and leatherback sea turtles nesting sites. Here are the top five ways to delve into its natural marvels.

  1. Stroll across a lake

La Brea Pitch Lake, the world’s most extensive natural asphalt deposit, brims with sulphur and is treasured for its medicinal properties. Known as the world’s eighth wonder, the lake features a peculiar dark clay that occasionally belches and bubbles. Its unique composition allows visitors to seemingly walk on water. Enjoy the therapeutic natural pools and observe the diverse birdlife, ranging from herons to hummingbirds.

  1. Embark on an island journey

Set sail to Nelson Island, the largest of Trinidad’s ‘Five islands’, a key historical location abundant in wildlife and flora, reflecting its rich colonial past. A trip to nearby Gaspar Grande provides the opportunity to explore the Gasparee Caves, situated 100ft underground, showcasing natural sinkholes and crystalline salt pools illuminated by patches of sunlight.

  1. Watch turtles nest

Trinidad, the world’s second-largest leatherback turtle nesting site, provides a rare opportunity to observe these creatures lay hundreds of eggs from March to August, under the cover of night. The most renowned spots to witness this natural spectacle include Matura, Grande Riviere, and Fishing Pond. Visitors are required to be accompanied by a guide.

  1. Navigate through a mangrove by kayak

Experience the Caroni Swamp, a bird sanctuary teeming with mangroves, marshlands, and lagoons, on a three-hour kayak tour. Whether in the fresh morning air or at sunset, visitors can expect to encounter storks and flamingos. However, the most anticipated sight is the scarlet ibis returning to its roost at dusk.

  1. Unwind in a volcanic mud bath

Indulge in a unique spa experience at L’eau Michel Mud Volcano. Nestled in the south of Trinidad, this secluded natural pool is accessible after a 20-minute hike through a deserted sugar cane plantation. Despite its volcanic location, the mud is refreshingly cool and so dense that visitors effortlessly float. Let your skin absorb the minerals before you trek to L’eau Michel Beach to rinse off in the ocean.

Plan your journey
British Airways operates direct flights from London to Trinidad’s Port of Spain, a journey of just over nine hours. For further information, visit
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Trinidad adventures

What are some unique experiences in Trinidad?

Trinidad offers a variety of unique experiences such as walking on La Brea Pitch Lake, island hopping to historical sites like Nelson Island, observing leatherback turtle nesting, kayaking through the Caroni Swamp, and enjoying a volcanic mud bath at L’eau Michel Mud Volcano.

Is Trinidad a good destination for bird watching?

Absolutely, Trinidad is a paradise for bird watchers with over 450 bird species. Particularly, the La Brea Pitch Lake and the Caroni Swamp are known for their diverse birdlife including herons, hummingbirds, storks, and flamingos.

What’s the best time to see leatherback turtles in Trinidad?

Leatherback turtles come to nest on the beaches of Trinidad from March to August, making this the ideal time for witnessing this amazing natural spectacle.

Can you walk on La Brea Pitch Lake in Trinidad?

Yes, La Brea Pitch Lake, rich with asphalt and sulphur, has certain areas where the dark clay is of such a consistency that visitors can walk across it as if they were walking on water.

How can I reach the L’eau Michel Mud Volcano?

The L’eau Michel Mud Volcano is located in southern Trinidad and can be reached after a 20-minute hike through an abandoned sugar cane plantation.

Are there direct flights from London to Trinidad?

Yes, British Airways offers direct flights from London to Port of Spain in Trinidad. The flight duration is a little over nine hours.

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TurtleTom July 12, 2023 - 8:58 am

What an experience to watch leatherback turtles nest… it was on my bucket list and Matura beach didn’t disappoint. Be prepared to stay up late though!

BirdyBea July 12, 2023 - 11:14 am

Ah, the Caroni Swamp, it’s a birder’s dream! Sunrise tours are the best, you know… when the world is still and it’s just you and the birds.

IslandIrene July 12, 2023 - 2:32 pm

gaspar grande and the Gasparee Caves… sounds like an adventure and a half. And sinkholes and crystal salt pools! Sign me up…

TimTheTraveler July 12, 2023 - 9:56 pm

wow! i’ve been to trinidad but totally missed the La Brea Pitch lake. walkin’ on a lake sounds amazing, gotta visit again.

AdventurousAmy July 13, 2023 - 3:29 am

guys did you know, the mud bath at L’eau Michel is therapeutic, or so they say. I was floating like a cork! a bit messy, but hey… when in Trinidad, right?


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