The Best Sydney Views: 🌍 Your Guide to the Best Ferry Routes for Spectacular Sydney Views

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Lonely Planet’s writers and editors are here to help make your trip easier! Australian expert Tasmin Waby is answering a question about Sydney ferries. Someone asked which boat offers the best views of the harbor, and she’s got the answer. So check it out to get the sights you’re looking for!

Good news, all of Sydney’s main ferry trips can be enjoyed from Circular Quay – one of the best things to do in town. You’ll get amazing views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House while on the boat ride! All ferries coming and going will pass by the world-famous opera house so you won’t miss it!

When you’re going to Sydney’s Circular Quay, you’ll be travelling north and then either right or left (depending on where you want to go). In the morning the sun will be behind the opera house and in the afternoon it will set behind the bridge. That way you can plan your photography at those times of day.

Some private companies have ferries that are a bit more expensive than regular ferries, but offer either quicker trips (like the My Fast Ferry to Manly) or you can make sightseeing trips with extra commentary. Also, these private companies will take you to interesting places – like Shark Island which has its own national park. And don’t worry about how you’ll pay for your trip since you can use an Opal card, contactless payment cards, or even your smartphone!

When taking the ferry from Circular Quay in Sydney to Manly’s popular surfing scene, make sure you note which end of the boat is facing out as it leaves. The ride may be bumpy at times, but it won’t take very long!

Catch a Ferry and Enjoy the Magnificent Views of Sydney!

The Manly ferry is a famous ferry ride in Sydney. It takes you through the harbor and close to North and South Head. The waves around this area can get quite rough, so if you’re prone to getting seasick, it’s best to take your medicine ahead of time just in case.

Once you leave Circular Quay – with all its boats and even the huge cruise ships sometimes – things start moving faster during most of the ride until you reach the wharf at Manly.

On your boat trip you’ll pass a bunch of cool places such as the Harborside Apartments at Kirribilli, the Lighthouse at Cremorne Point, Taronga Zoo’s Terraces, Middle Harbour and Forested Reserves. Even though it looks like you’re in the countryside, you’re still in Sydney! Manly is an awesome day trip for surfing, snorkeling at Shelly Beach or going for a hike around the Sydney Harbour National Park.

Jump on a ferry and take a lovely boat ride to Watsons Bay! When you get there, stop and admire the magnificent Sydney skyline from the beach. It’s just like looking at an amazing painting!

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Hop on this ferry for an awesome journey along Sydney’s southern coast, ending at Watsons Bay. You’ll also stop off at Rose Bay! Make sure you plan enough time to explore everything before heading back. At Watsons Bay, walk about a mile and see the amazing Hornby Lighthouse and its old cottage. After that, head over to The Gap to check out the vast Pacific Ocean with its crashing waves. There are also some neat beaches here which make great places to swim and spots to eat or relax while enjoying a drink with a nice view. When you’re done exploring, just take the ferry back to Circular Quay!

Exploring Sydney Harbour Bridge and Beyond

Cockatoo Island is a special place that has been transformed with cool installations and events, plus it has camping ground too. To get there, you have to take a ferry trip under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which gives you an amazing perspective of how big the bridge is.

As you travel under it, take a moment to look up and be amazed by the special engineering and steel design from the 1920s. The bridge was built in two pieces and then put together in 1930 before it opened for visitors in 1932. Stop at Balmain afterwards and get an awesome photo opportunity of the bridge from a different angle. Then make your way over to Cockatoo Island, where you can get off and explore while also enjoying a picnic with beautiful views of the harbor.

As you drift down the Parramatta River, which is located near Sydney Harbor, the river will become more narrow as you pass by areas filled with salty and marshy plants. You’ll also go underneath some bridges while traveling down this river.

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The Parramatta ferry service is an exciting boat ride through Sydney. You’ll run under the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and cruise to the island of Cockatoo. The charming lights from Darling Harbour will be a beautiful sight during your return at night. And if it’s a sunny day, expect a 50-minute relaxing journey down the river. Plus, there’s plenty of seating both inside as well as outside so you can explore and enjoy Sydney on a budget!

The Parramatta RiverCat takes you from Sydney to Parramatta, with views of the wide river estuary and plenty of mangroves. When you reach the Sydney Olympic Park terminal, the view changes—the river narrows and you’ll pass under some bridges. Once at the Parramatta ferry terminal, a short walk will get you to Parramatta Park, which is full of old buildings, like Old Government House and 1813 dairy farm. There’s also an abandoned observatory and a fancy former bathhouse.

Explore Sydney from the Ocean – Unforgettable Views, Pics and Fun at the Pool!

Take this trip to come close to the neighborhoods in Sydney near the ocean. You won’t find any special places at Mosman Bay, but it’s worth taking a walk around the harbor and coming back to Cremorne Wharf if you have some spare time. Finally, catch the ferry from there to Circular Quay.

Cremorne Point reserve is a great place for taking pictures of the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the special skyline of Sydney. You can go there to have a picnic at the point where you’ll find Robertsons Lighthouse and if you walk five more minutes from there, then you will reach Maccullum swimming pool which is perfect for some summer fun (just remember to bring your own swimsuit and towel).

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