Six Exciting Excursions Not to Be Missed in Herzegovina

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adventures in Herzegovina

Drenched in a rich past and boasting striking landscapes, Herzegovina — Bosnia and Herzegovina’s southern region — serves as a lesser-known Mediterranean haven. Walking down the stone-paved streets of its regional capital, Mostar, feels like a journey through time, surrounded by flowing streams, medieval towers, and charming stone architecture. Beyond Mostar, the countryside reveals its rustic allure, from enticing trails on aromatic hillsides waiting to be trekked, to experiencing wild horses in the Dinaric Alps up close.

  1. Delve into Nature at the Kravice Falls

Situated just outside the city of Ljubuški, the Kravice Falls present a natural spectacle of water, standing 30 metres tall and spreading 120 metres wide. They show their full power — and make the best photo opportunity — in spring when they generate a swirling fog of mist. They transform into tranquil spots in the summer; the shallow basin makes a perfect swimming spot with cool, azure-green waters and plenty of sunbathing rocks. The area is filled with narrow wooden walkways over the basin, kayak rentals downstream, and bars nearby to quench your thirst.

  1. Soar Above the Historic City of Mostar on a Zipline

Situated in Herzegovina’s heart, Mostar is the country’s fifth-largest city, hosting a remarkable fusion of cultures. The star of the city is the UNESCO-listed Old Bridge (Stari Most), finished in 1566 by Ottoman architect Mimar Hajruddin. Experience the awe-inspiring bridge in a thrilling way by taking a zipline ride from the top of Fortica Hill, located just outside the city. This adrenaline-charged ride swoops over the city and the stunning rocky hills for 1,000 metres, ending at the riverside beach right below the bridge.

  1. Scale the Sacred Mountain of Krizevac in Međugorje

Local folklore tells of an event in 1981 when the Virgin Mary appeared to six children in Međugorje, delivering messages of peace and prayer. Despite the lack of official recognition by the Catholic Church, the news spread, leading to around one million pilgrims flocking to Međugorje annually. Regardless of your faith, the three to four-hour climb up the rugged Krizevac (Cross Mountain) provides a remarkable spectacle.

  1. Experience the Wilderness on a Mountain Bike in Blidinje Nature Park

Just north of Mostar, Blidinje Nature Park offers a stunning display of mountains and unique Bosnian pine forests, best savored on a mountain bike tour.

  1. Join a Wild Horse Safari

Go on a wild horse safari at the base of Cincar Mountain, and you’ll witness herds of wild horses that have made the Dinaric Alps their home over the past seventy years.

  1. Uncover the Secrets of Vjetrenica Cave

Just six miles from the Croatian border lies Vjetrenica Cave — Bosnia and Herzegovina’s largest cave system.

Start planning your trip
One-stop flights are available from London to Sarajevo. From there, public transport is your best bet to explore Herzegovina. For more details and ideas — including places to stay, dine and activities — visit
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about adventures in Herzegovina

What are some must-visit places in Herzegovina?

Herzegovina offers a plethora of sights, including Kravice Falls, the historic city of Mostar with its UNESCO-listed Old Bridge, the sacred Krizevac mountain in Međugorje, the diverse Blidinje Nature Park, wild horse safaris at the foot of Cincar Mountain, and the extensive Vjetrenica Cave.

What activities can I enjoy in Herzegovina?

Herzegovina boasts numerous adventurous activities, such as wild swimming in the Kravice Falls, ziplining over the city of Mostar, climbing Krizevac mountain, mountain biking in Blidinje Nature Park, wild horse safaris, and exploring the Vjetrenica Cave.

How can I travel around Herzegovina?

Once you arrive, preferably by one-stop flights from London to Sarajevo, public transport is the most efficient way to navigate around Herzegovina. You may also consider flying into Mostar or nearby Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia.

Is Herzegovina a good place for adventure tourism?

Yes, Herzegovina is a great destination for adventure tourism. From wild swimming and ziplining to mountain biking and exploring vast cave systems, Herzegovina offers a variety of activities for adventure enthusiasts.

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SamTheExplorer July 7, 2023 - 6:39 pm

Thanks for the info! Gonna start planning my trip ASAP. Heres to exploring the caves and biking in the nature parks, cant wait!!!

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Loved reading this, Herzegovina’s just made it to my bucket list! Anyone been there before? Is it as beautiful as it sounds???

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Zip lining over Mostar? Sign me up, sounds like a thrill!

DavidF July 8, 2023 - 3:15 am

Amazing write up, never knew herzegovina had so much to offer! wild swimming in kravice falls seems like a dream, hope I can make it there one day…

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that climb up Krizevac sounds intense, but i bet the views are totally worth it! Can’t wait to lace up my hiking boots.


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