See the Best of Panama City on a Budget with These 14 Money-Saving Tips

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If you’re trying to save some money on a trip to Panama City, here are some tips that you can use. Even though Panama is more expensive than other Central American countries – with the exception of Costa Rica – its capital city is still cheaper than many cities in the US and Europe.

In the city, there are lots of expensive things you can do like staying in a fancy hotel, visiting museums, eating at good restaurants and going to cool bars. But if you want to save money, you can stay in a hostel dorm room, take the bus and eat at local places instead.

With all the money that you save up, you could treat yourself to something special – like swimming with whale sharks in Parque Nacional Coiba or island hopping around Comarca de Guna Yala. To help make your budget go further, here are a few helpful tips.

Get Better Deals on a Tropical Getaway

Tropical Panama is an awesome holiday spot, but it can be more expensive during the hot and dry months which occur between December and April. Also, prices will skyrocket if you should to visit during any of the events in November, Christmas, New Year or Easter. So, to get cheaper deals on hotels and tours, try booking a vacation between May to November when there are fewer crowds and not so hot weather.

Explore Central America Comfortably with Ticabus

Catching one of the low-budget buses in Central America can be a good option to explore this area. Ticabus is an example of these buses, offering features such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi access, restroom facilities, and reclining chairs for passengers. For example, traveling from Costa Rica’s San José to Panama City takes 18 hours by bus and costs around $55. On the other hand, taking a 75-minute direct flight will cost about $230 – way more expensive than the bus!

Staying with a family instead of in a hotel can help you save money while at the same time helping you learn Spanish.

‘Explore Panama City with Affordable Accommodation Options!’

Finding a good place to sleep in Panama City doesn’t need to break the bank. There are tons of possibilities, from hostels with bunk beds to staying at someone’s home. Websites like Hostelworld, Homestay, Couchsurfing and Airbnb can help you find just what you’re looking for. Plus, you get to meet new people, learn some tips on how to make the most of your stay and have access to kitchen facilities! And if you’re up for it – try practicing your Spanish!

Prepare for the Unexpected

It’s very common to use credit cards at classy places in the city. However, there can be extra fees on credit card purchases when you get back home. So it’s always better to have some cash on you for daily needs and preparing for if the ATM doesn’t work. You should also make sure that you bring small bills with you so you won’t have difficulty paying at diners, local stores, or taxis since they often don’t have any change.

Explore Guatemala City’s Perfect Outdoor Spots and Enjoy its Efficient Transport System!

Some areas in the city are perfect for walking, running and cycling. Some of these places are Casco Viejo with its cobbled streets, Cinta Costera and Amador Causeway with their lovely waterfront pathways.

If you’re planning your travels to Guatemala City, you’ll be pleased to know that the city has an efficient public transportation system. This includes Central America’s first metro that connects the entire metropolitan area! All you need is a $5 rechargeable card (Metro, MetroBus, or RapiPass) and then each journey is only $0.35. The pass also works on Metrobus which are better than diablo rojos buses and cost just $0.25 for trips.

Taking a taxi from outside of a hotel or mall may cost more than usual. © Gianfranco Vivi / Getty Images

“Let the Yellow Taxis of Panama City Take You For a Spin

In Panama City, yellow taxis can be a good way to save money if you’re travelling around. However, there isn’t a meter in the cars so you have to agree on a fare price before getting into the car. If you take the taxi outside of a hotel or mall, then it will cost more. Drivers don’t expect tips but generosity is always appreciated if you want to round up the fare.

Uber is a great option, especially for those who don’t speak Spanish, or who have difficulties with mobility. Lyft is also an option you can consider.

Unlock Extra Savings in Panama City by Learning Basic Spanish!

In Panama City, a lot of people know and use English. Nevertheless, it’s helpful to have some Spanish phrases up your sleeve and on your phone with the help of Google Translate App so you don’t pay extra when talking with taxi drivers and vendors at markets.

Enjoy Delicious Food and a Picturesque City View at Parque Natural Metropolitano!

Staying at a hostel or homestay usually comes with access to a kitchen. Here, you can make your own food, prepare meals for picnics and save money by buying groceries at stores like Super 99 and Justo & Bueno. Plus, you’ll find plenty of yummy fruits like avocados, watermelons, pineapples, passion fruit and papaya!

Parque Natural Metropolitano is a great spot to see the city view. You won’t regret stopping by there for a beautiful picture with the skyline in the background!

Discover Stunning Wildlife in Panama City’s Tropical Oasis!

In Panama City, you don’t have to go too far to experience the stunning variety of plants and animals. For just $5, you can take a walk through the well-maintained trails of Parque Natural Metropolitano – a huge area that’s filled with lush tropical forests. You’ll likely see various wildlife among this amazing range of greenery.

If you go to the park early, you’ll see a lot of animals and it will be cooler. You could see sleepy sloths, loud monkeys and chirping toucans. Finally, from the park’s viewpoint, you will be able to have an amazing view of the city!

“Explore Panama City’s Rich Culinary Scene

In Panama City, there are a lot of restaurants that serve all sorts of food – from the local comida típica to bento boxes. But the best – and most affordable – dishes are usually found in tiny restaurants, self-service cafeterias, or street vendors. Popular lunch items include arroz con pollo (chicken and rice) while empanadas and patacones (fried green plantains) make great snacks!

At city places like Café Coca Cola and El Trapiche, you can get some really good and cheap food like ropa vieja (pulled beef with veggies and rice), sancocho (a thick soup with chicken and veg) and bandejas (platters with a sample of everything). Wash it all down with something called chicha – it’s a mix of fruit juice and water. To save money, try getting a local beer instead of an imported one.

Discover Delicious Local Lagers and Craft Beers in Panama City!

If you are looking for something to drink, try one of the local lagers like Panama, Balboa or Atlas. You can find them in hostels and bars during happy hour.

If you’re near Panama City, you should definitely check out La Rana Dorada, a popular bar for craft beer. They serve a variety of different kinds of beers- Belgian wheat beer, German pilsner and English pale ale- as well as some seasonal options. It’s a fun spot to hang out since it has an incredible atmosphere with stone walls and polished woods and brass decorations. Best of all is the happy hour – it starts at noon and lasts until 6pm!

Stay Safe, Filter, and Save with LifeStraw Go in Panama City!

It’s hot and humid in Panama City. Usually, tap water is safe to drink here, but it’s better not to drink tap water while in rural areas like Bocas del Toro and San Blas Archipelago. If you want to save money and help the environment, get a water filter bottle like LifeStraw Go for drinking clean water.

Escape the Crowds and Enjoy Paradise

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to visit paradise. Isla Taboga with its white beaches, palm trees and historic past is just around the corner. With a one-way ticket costing only 24 dollars from the Amador Causeway’s harbour, you can be there in 30 minutes. Best part? Explore without worrying about huge crowds because it’s calmer during the weekdays. Enjoy the cafes, shops and take some time to relax on the beach.

“Find Amazing Deals & Savings in Panama with OfertaSimple, Gustazos, and Degusta Panamá!”

If you want to save money, visit Panama’s discount websites every day! The most popular place is OfertaSimple. You can find all kinds of things there – like burgers at half the usual price in Casco Viejo or discounted tours around San Blas islands. Another great option is Gustazos which has both Spanish and English versions. And lastly, try Degusta Panamá to get awesome deals on restaurant when booking through their website or app.

The Ultimate Guide to Budget Traveling

A dorm room in a hostel costs about $15. A basic private room for two people can cost around $30. Staying at an Airbnb will also cost you around the same price. Taking a ride on the metro will be just $0.35 while riding the bus is cheaper since it’s only $0.25 per ticket! And if you’re hungry, dinner for two at a local restaurant typically costs something close to $20, but don’t forget to treat yourself with a cold beer on tap that only costs $2.50 and maybe afterwards remember to get a cup of coffee too, which tends to cost about $3.50!

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