5 Unmissable Street Murals Unveiling Belfast’s Artistic Spirit

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When it comes to the vibrant city of Belfast, its streets don’t just tell stories through their historical façades and bustling urban life. They also speak volumes through the captivating language of street art. In this journey through the heart of Belfast’s artistic soul, we explore five mesmerizing street murals that are bound to leave you in awe and wonder.

1. Deep Love: The Beacon of Transformation
At the crossroads of contemporary art and urban allure, Belfast’s street art scene shines brilliantly. A striking masterpiece titled “Deep Love” stands as a beacon of change, drawing curious gazes and fueling admiration. Created by the talented artist ADW, this mural captures a diver, clad in a vintage diving suit, cradling a mermaid against the backdrop of a setting sun. The mural’s allure isn’t just in its vivid imagery but in the message it carries — a beckoning call for transformation and evolution. As you traverse the city via the M3 and A2, this masterpiece stands as a symbolic guide, inviting traffic to witness Belfast’s ongoing metamorphosis.

2. Festival of Fools: Embracing Whimsy Amid History
While Belfast’s political murals hold a deep-rooted history, its contemporary street art tells the tale of a city that has triumphed over its troubled past. Amidst the shadows of the past, a vibrant contrast emerges on the canvas of the Belfast Community Circus School, courtesy of artist KVLR. Where once political murals marked territorial boundaries, now a zany masterpiece welcomes all to witness the city’s transformation. The narrative has shifted from “keep out” to “come in and explore,” symbolizing the city’s resilience and newfound spirit.

3. True to our Words: Unveiling Pandora’s Narration
Christina Angelina, known as Starfighter, captures the essence of storytelling in her mural on Little Donegall Street. The mural portrays a woman opening a Pandora’s box, words cascading forth to influence her in unforeseen ways. This captivating piece, adorning the side of the Irish News building, beautifully incorporates shades of blue reminiscent of the paper’s past masthead. With outlines sketched under the moonlight using a projector, the artist’s daylight touch brings the mural’s details to life, transforming the wall into an eloquent storyteller.

4. Lyra: A Tribute of Hope and Tragedy
Amid the kaleidoscope of murals gracing Belfast’s streets, the portrait of journalist Lyra McKee stands as a poignant reminder of both hope and tragedy. Crafted by artist ESTR, this mural on Union Street is accompanied by McKee’s powerful words: “It won’t always be like this. It’s going to get better.” These words encapsulate Northern Ireland’s tradition of commemorating individuals through art. Tragically, Lyra McKee lost her life while observing a riot in Derry in 2019. Surrounding her portrait, vibrant works by artists like Aches, Inkie, and even Ray Bonner himself add to the tapestry of resilience and creativity.

5. Dance by Candlelight, The Duel of Belfast: Echoes of History
In the heart of the Cathedral Quarter, Conor Harrington’s mural “Dance by Candlelight, The Duel of Belfast” graces The Black Box arts centre. This somber yet operatic masterpiece encapsulates the city’s complex history, juxtaposing a duel over a deceased animal. The mural speaks of a past marked by turmoil and a present that continues to be irksome. Harrington’s strokes not only capture the senses but also evoke introspection, prompting a contemplative glance at Belfast’s journey through time.

Belfast’s creative spirit and its ever-evolving urban narrative find their expressive canvas in these astounding street murals. From the depths of “Deep Love” to the triumph of the “Festival of Fools,” the storytelling magic of “True to our Words,” the hopeful tribute of “Lyra,” and the reflective reverie of “Dance by Candlelight,” each mural paints a vivid picture of the city’s soul. So, when in Belfast, don’t miss the chance to embark on a journey through these visual tales, guided by the artistic touch of Seedhead Arts.

Note: Belfast’s Seedhead Arts orchestrates captivating walking tours and hosts an annual street art festival that transforms the cityscape each spring. Published in collaboration with the UK & Ireland supplement of National Geographic Traveller (UK), this exploration promises to unravel the layers of Belfast’s street art tapestry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Urban Artistry

What is the significance of the “Deep Love” mural in Belfast?

The “Deep Love” mural in Belfast holds symbolic value as a beacon of the city’s ongoing transformation. Created by artist ADW, it features a diver embracing a mermaid against a setting sun backdrop, inviting observers to witness the evolving face of Belfast through contemporary art.

How does the “Festival of Fools” mural contribute to Belfast’s narrative?

The “Festival of Fools” mural, located at the Belfast Community Circus School, symbolizes the city’s transition from a troubled past to a vibrant present. Crafted by KVLR, it showcases Belfast’s resilience, inviting all to explore its lively and welcoming spirit.

What story does the “True to our Words” mural tell?

The “True to our Words” mural by Christina Angelina (Starfighter) portrays a woman opening a Pandora’s box, with words flowing out to impact her. The mural, situated on Little Donegall Street, captures the power of storytelling and reflects the influence of words on our lives.

How does the “Lyra” mural pay tribute to hope and tragedy?

The “Lyra” mural on Union Street, crafted by artist ESTR, honors journalist Lyra McKee, who tragically lost her life in 2019. Accompanied by her poignant words, the mural encapsulates Northern Ireland’s tradition of commemorating individuals through art, serving as a testament to both hope and tragedy.

What message does the “Dance by Candlelight, The Duel of Belfast” mural convey?

Conor Harrington’s mural at The Black Box arts centre encapsulates Belfast’s history and complexities. Depicting a duel over a deceased animal, it prompts reflection on the city’s troubled past and current challenges, inviting observers to ponder its journey through time.

How can I explore these murals and learn more about Belfast’s street art scene?

To delve into Belfast’s vibrant street art culture, you can join walking tours organized by Seedhead Arts. Additionally, the city hosts an annual street art festival each spring, offering an immersive experience into the creative expressions that adorn its streets.

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TechieTom August 25, 2023 - 9:34 am

Lyra’s mural’s got real feels, hope & tragedy in one brushstroke. Art speaks loud, man. Also, Conor’s duel mural’s deep, history in every stroke.

MusicNerdGirl August 25, 2023 - 11:43 pm

True to our words mural’s got me all intrigued, Pandora’s box, words, and art mixin’ up! Christina Angelina’s talent’s wow!


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